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The PHP-script for your Website [Info To use this script, PHP needs to be installed on your webserver. ]:

<?php readfile(""); ?>

You can format the return value of this PHP-imbedding to match the design of your website to your hearts content.

Hints for PHP-beginners:

1) How do I find out, if my webspace supports PHP?
To display the Slogans with the script mentioned above, PHP needs to be installed on your web server. In case you don't know if your hosting-partner has installed it, there is an easy way of testing this. To do so, launch your editor (f. ex. Windows editor, wordpad or other, not MS Word). Insert the following code:  <?  phpinfo()  ?>
Save the file as test.php. Upload it to your server now and call it from the adress line of your browser. A relatively long list should appear now. If not, don't panic yet. You can try the same procedure with test.php3 or test.php4 as filenames, possibly your provider only supports one of those extensions. If it still doesn't work, PHP is probably not installed on your web server. n case you'd like to switch to a decent web hoster who supports PHP, you might want to try

2) My Web server supports PHP, but the slogans don't appear.
The file, you integrate the above script into, needs to be declared as PHP-file. The script won't work in .HTM or .HTML files. Try to rename the webpage, you're trying to make the slogan appear on, into *.php (f. ex. home.php). You might want to backup the file first. In most cases the page will now appear as usually, including the slogan.

3) How can I format my slogan?
If you are working with a style sheet (CSS), all you need to do is put the class- or ID-tags around the PHP-script. Otherwise you open a font-tag in front of the PHP-script and close it after the PHP-script.

Still having trouble with this service? Please use the feedback form to let me know :-)

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